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Conference on God, Love & Sex

Saturday 1 December, 10.30am–4pm, Nottingham University

Everyone knows babies don't pop out of thin air, so we thought you might want to hear the Catholic perspective, on the best way to 'do it'? 'It' being everything about coupling - the way Pope John Paul 2 set out in his 'Theology of the Body'. It took him 5 years, but keynote speaker Edmund Adamus and friends have just one day at this local conference. See the website: https://totbday.org.uk/

Adamus is a theologian whose career so far spans over 28 years working across 5 different Catholic dioceses in the field of evangelisation, faith formation and various fields of pastoral care. The conference is hosted by the Diocese of Nottingham Marriage and Family Life Commission. This is not an SPUC event, but still, we're quite excited!

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Regretting 50 yrs of Abortion

April 2018 will again see pro-life chains across many of our cities. Nottingham included. These are not your typical protest, they're a silent witness to 8.7 million lives lost to abortion. We'll also be remembering so many mums and dads, misled to think abortion was for the best. And women left unsupported or pressured, just when men should have stood by them.

If you should see us when you're out and about, the people holding placards will be thinking of you too. We know that most people have been affected in some way by abortion. Please do reflect on whether there's a better way, better than ending a human life that's already begun.

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March for Life in London

The 2018 March for Life will be the first in the capital for a generation. Our coach from Nottingham will arrive in time to hear the speakers, join the march, and attend the prayer vigil. A great day out and chance to meet with so many other pro-lifers from the whole country!

Dr Edwards and friends victorious outside Nottingham Magistrate's Court

40 days for Life

Our Chair, Dr John Edwards, doesn't just help out SPUC. In early 2018 he ran a '40 Days for Life' campaign in Nottingham, successfully facing-down the local town Council in court. This was essentially a 40 day vigil, praying over the Circle Treatment centre, which is located at Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre (QMC). The Treatment centre does a variety of health work, but it’s also where most Nottingham area abortions are done. These end the lives of many unborn children. Read more..