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a photo of a silent witness in Nottingham

Regretting 53 yrs of Abortion

This May, we once again formed a pro-life chain in Nottingham. The same happens in many other cities across the UK. These are not your typical protest, they're a silent witness to over 9 million lives lost to abortion in the UK, since the Abortion Act came into force. We also remember so many mums and dads, misled to think abortion was for the best. And women left unsupported or pressured, just when men should have stood by them.

If you saw us when you were out and about, know the people holding up the messages were thinking of you too. We know that most people have been affected in some way by abortion. Please do reflect on whether there's a better way, better than ending a human life that's already begun.

part of coach to London poster

March for Life in London

Join us on the 11th May 2019 for Lifefest 19 and March for Life! A coach from Nottingham will arrive in time to hear the speakers and join the march. A great day out and chance to meet with so many other pro-lifers from the whole country! To book a place from Nottingham contact Marie on marielangford @ live.co.uk (take out the spaces).

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